Funko Pop “Incredibles Day”

               Hello from Mani, Maya and Destin. This is our sixth video on YouTube and our 4th blog post. Don’t worry ther’s still many more adventures to come. Usually we try to bring you the Behind-The-Scenes story of our YouTube videos. So go ahead and watch first. Follow us on Instagram ManMayDes and like our page on Facebook MayMayDes.

               So this is how it went down, before we went to the park, we came to this installation on South Ave in Staten Island. We’ve driven by it multiple times and mummy decided we should take pictures with the installation. I mean, all it says is LOVE, so we took turns sitting in different letters taking family pictures. If you’re ever in a place where there are installations like this, have fun, that’s what they’re there for.

               The sun was shinning really bright when we went to Jennifer’s Playground, so we decided to do this impromptu photo-shoot first then we would head to the playground. We had so much fun on this day. Anytime mummy is home from work, we try to do as much as possible as we can, because it will soon be fall season and we might not be able to go out as much as we want to and since school is starting soon also, we need to go out as much as we can now.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to get more videos out in the fall. img_1198img_1132img_1215

                We got to Faber Pool and Park first but there were lots of Mosquitoes, huge mosquitoes and monster mosquitoes. They had just cut the lawn there and there were lots of bugs crawling everywhere. We all got bitten. The next time we go out we ‘re going to need to use bug repellent sprays and lots of sunscreen because it was so hot, we don’t want to get burnt. So, whenever you’re going out to a park or a playground, make sure you’re 1. hydrated 2. lots of suncreen, 3. Bug repellent sprays.


Author: Laraddiji

About Me. whatever "me" is, I'm sure you'll tell me, won't u? I'm the kind of person that is cool-headed, has self-control, and knows her boundaries. I know what I can and can't do, I know when to push myself and refrain from showing off. If u know me, you'll also know that I'm the kind of person that admires and embraces the good qualities of people despite their other behaviors that might count as "what?" I'm kinda shy but when the situation calls for it, I set my goals and I try my best to attain them to push myself forward. Anyways that's enough of me for now, lata

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