Maya said it.

              Hello you guys, my name is Maya, I’m a twin and I’m 3yrs old. My brother wrote to you all the last time, so now, mom says its my turn. Mum thinks she can figure out what’s going on in my head, but let’s see if she’s at least close. You see, mummy calls me a princess and she says she’s the queen. Hmmm… that’s what I said. Naturally, I should be the queen right? So, she’s been doing some things with our clothes lately and I’m loving it because you know, “a Queen gotta represent”. I’m like, where’s she shopping our clothes from? turns out she’s been shopping at Burlington Coat Factory [BCF], who would’ve ever thought, I thought she would never leave Target.

Mom: I didn’t leave Target, I’m just exploring my options.
Maya: Okay, mom. This is ManMayDes blog, not LivinginPeace remember?

               We’ve gone to the Burlington Coat Factory here in Staten Island multiple times but we’re always rushed by mum and dad, we run through the toys department and try on some shoes, you see, daddy loves his shoes loves buying new ones  while mummy ends up buying nothing for us, she doesn’t like BCF like that,, but then she does hate shopping so maybe its not BCF’s fault.  She usually goes to Target to buy outfits for us mostly for church, but lately she’s been going by herself or with our grandmother to do the shopping because apparently grandma loves shopping.

              Do check out BCF, they’ve got some cool stuff, dresses are mom’s favorite, I love the dresses she gets me too and the tops and bottoms for ParkRayding. Mum says she can’t wait to go shopping again, especially for us and trust me she hates shopping. They have kid shirts for less than $10 and dresses under $20. It’s very important because we’re growing very fast and these fancy clothes won’t last long in the house anyway so why waste money she said. We will donate them so other kids growing up like use can wear them.

Here are some of the outfits.

IMG_0430This is Mani in his black/yellow striped Top and Blue shorts, with Mickey Mouse.

IMG_0431And here’s myself in a borrowed Truck top and White Anchor blue shorts from BCF, with mickey too. Obviously hair is looking a bit meh! Thanks Mom. Mom: sorry Queen Maya.

IMG_0432And here’s baby Destin in his Red/White top and Gray/white shorts from BCF. We wore this to our local laundromat, it was a very hot day so we definitely needed something very airy and we loved these, we met some new friends on this day too.


Here’s Mani again after a Sunday service wearing his Blue short sleeve top and Brown pants from BCF. We changed our shoes when we got home to spend a little bit of time outside cos the weather was nice. Pink dress and sweater cover from BCF for me. Shoes are from Amazon, they’re very comfortable and so far loving it for the summer.


That’s me on the left again with my Blue/pink dress from BCF, and my brother in his  Blue top & Blue jeans from BCF on the right.


That’s baby brother, Destin in his Red long sleeve top and Tan pants from BCF, mummy rolled it up for him. His shoe is from Carters branch here in  Staten Island. That’s me in the Middle, I’m wearing my cute Orange dress/pink sweater from BCF and mom and dad got my shoes from Target a while ago. And there goes Mani in his Blue jean short sleeve and black jeans from BCF Shoes from GAP

IMG_0990 3

And this last pic, was a cool one, The dress is so cute, Pink/Blue jeans pink dress from BCF and Long sleeve shirt and Tan pants from BCF for Mani. Ask questions if you have any, leave a comment as well. you can like this post by rating it 5 stars above. So, that’s it from me for now you guys, to get notified of newly posted posts, subscribe to our blog now, many more to come. I’m hoping to read from you awesome people very soon. Till next time.


Author: Laraddiji

About Me. whatever "me" is, I'm sure you'll tell me, won't u? I'm the kind of person that is cool-headed, has self-control, and knows her boundaries. I know what I can and can't do, I know when to push myself and refrain from showing off. If u know me, you'll also know that I'm the kind of person that admires and embraces the good qualities of people despite their other behaviors that might count as "what?" I'm kinda shy but when the situation calls for it, I set my goals and I try my best to attain them to push myself forward. Anyways that's enough of me for now, lata

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