Let me introduce myself.


               It’s finally my turn, I’m the baby of the house, let me introduce myself. My name is Destin, but my people (basically my family) call me Destin Don Dimples, or Deputy DJ Dowu. I’m the baby Jack Jack of this wonderful and ‘Incredible’ family, and I have lots of powers you know, (I wish). It’s important that you get to know who you’re watching on YouTube at ManMayDes and ultimately who you’re reading about as well, that’s why I want you to get to know me while I’m doing the same with you as well.

img_1363-1               I’m only 9 months old at this time my mom is writing this, and so far all I can do is stand for 3 seconds at a time. I see my brother and sister running and dancing around sometimes and I wish I could just join them but I haven’t mastered my balance yet, so hopefully in the coming months you’ll see me running around with them too. My adventure right now involves crawling around the house, playing with my brother’s Lego stuff and you’ll also see me here and there, getting into things while I explore.

img_1365               What do you do for ParkRaydars? What do I do for ParkRaydars? what’s my job? Well, not a lot yet, but before you know it, I should be able to join in on some of the activities and be able to pull my own weight, literally. I’m usually in my Liteway Chicco stroller when we go out on our ParkRaydar adventures, and I do love my stroller, well, my mom keeps going on and on about it of how much she loves it, so guess what, I love it too. When I’m in my stroller, I rarely miss out on any fun my twin brother and sister are having, I’m usually shaking my legs in excitement when I see them doing something fun like playing around in their scooters.


               Some of the other stuff my mom uses that I really like are my pacifier, and my pacifier clips, made by TYRY Hu Official store, my clothes, made mostly by Carters, my shoes are also from Carters, my diapers by Huggies and my diaper wipes by Kirkland, because I have to be very happy and very comfortable when we go on our mini trips and adventures.

img_1381-1This is us going home from our first pre-k. meeting. We’re just having fun here before we get buckled up.
img_1289This is Mani and I’m in the middle and then Maya, I’m just chilling with my brother and sister here before we go out to get some things for the house.. They always take care of me, making sure I don’t fall because I’m still learning how to walk. So please subscribe to ParkRaydars because there’s still many more adventures to come. Hopefully we’ll be able to involve you too somehow.


Author: Laraddiji

About Me. whatever "me" is, I'm sure you'll tell me, won't u? I'm the kind of person that is cool-headed, has self-control, and knows her boundaries. I know what I can and can't do, I know when to push myself and refrain from showing off. If u know me, you'll also know that I'm the kind of person that admires and embraces the good qualities of people despite their other behaviors that might count as "what?" I'm kinda shy but when the situation calls for it, I set my goals and I try my best to attain them to push myself forward. Anyways that's enough of me for now, lata

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