Finally!!!! Independence! Pre-k

Mani&Maya: We want to believe going to kindargenten for us is a bitter sweet situation for both us and our parents. On our end, we are happy to be out of the house for 6 hours a day, hopefully make friends and learn some new rules and of course get to play at our school’s playground, which is so pretty by the way. And on our our parents end, it’s like an end to an era where they have to look after us all day everyday.

Mani: there’s lots of things to keep us busy at school like our playground. Hopefully, we’ll have a ParkRaydar episode on that soon. They have cars, race track so I can practice my Dash moves.

Maya: they have spinning area where I can spin and get fun dizzy. And of course slides. Who doesn’t love slides?

Make sure to check out our video above on the supplies we had to get to get ready for school, did you have to get these for your children too, whats similar and whats different?


Author: Laraddiji

About Me. whatever "me" is, I'm sure you'll tell me, won't u? I'm the kind of person that is cool-headed, has self-control, and knows her boundaries. I know what I can and can't do, I know when to push myself and refrain from showing off. If u know me, you'll also know that I'm the kind of person that admires and embraces the good qualities of people despite their other behaviors that might count as "what?" I'm kinda shy but when the situation calls for it, I set my goals and I try my best to attain them to push myself forward. Anyways that's enough of me for now, lata

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