We are… ParkRaydars!!!

          Hello, it’s Mani here, welcome, I’m a twin, my sister’s name is Maya and our baby brother is called Destin, we’ve been going out to some parks lately and we enjoyed this one called Willowbrook park right by my mom’s old school… please check out the video below

          We were surprised at all the fun things we were able to do at that park, we saw turtles for the first time, we saw plenty of ducks and actually fed some too and saw lots of water because it’s a lake. The only zoo we’ve ever been to was Staten Island zoo, but after our adventure at Willowbrook park, mom and dad decided to take us to Bronx zoo.

          But in the meantime, our mom decided we would record our adventures at the different parks we go to and we wanted to invite you along. We went to Markham playground the other day in Staten Island and we had so much fun. Mum&Dad bought us these really cool scooters to play with and what do we know about scooters? absolutely nothing, but we rode it as if we had one before, Oh wait, we did have one before, our uncle bought it for us when we were about 2yrs old. We were scared to ride it at first because it made noise like a small monster but later on, we got the hang of it. Mummy says its okay to be scared of trying out new things at first, but we must first try.

          So this is our old scooter it has seen a lot, it goes 0.05 mile/hr but we love it, its ours. Even though it’s pink, I don’t mind, its for both of us, we ride it together or we take turns. Funny though, Destin hasn’t ridden it yet, he’s only 8months old, so maybe when he’s older. This is it.


          And this is our new scooters, you can get one for your kids too if they don’t alreayd have one, they’ll have tons of fun with them and make lots of memories like we cant wait to do. I have mine and Maya has hers. ‘Beleev’ is written on it, my mom loves it because, we need to – believe – that we can do anything we put our minds to. Mum says we’ll scoot to school with daddy when school starts in September. You see, we’ll start pre-K soon and my sister and I will turn 4yrs old this years Thanksgiving week, but baby DJ (Destin Josiah) will still be at home with mum&dad, he’s only 8 months old and he’ll be a yr old this year’s thanksgiving week as well, we’ll probably have our birthday celebration together like we did last yr when Destin was born. Hope you’ll stick around till then. This is it, our new ‘rides’.


          What other things did we do at the playground? Well, they had this newly installed playground setup with a huge slide, we had lots of fun with that, I climbed, jumped and slid down the tall slide many times. I think it’s for bigger kids because there’s another playground setup which was much more smaller on the same playground. We also did some obstacle course-like climbs, I fell down too, but I didn’t get hurt. My mum tells us “We can do all things because Jesus said so.” So anytime I get scared, mummy reminds me that I can do all things, and then I remember that I’m brave. Did I tell you, I want to be a Knight when I grow up, Knights are not scared, they’re brave. The playground also has this sprinkler to cool down from the summer heat and we got wet lots. Mum uploaded a video on YouTube, please check it out.


Author: Laraddiji

About Me. whatever "me" is, I'm sure you'll tell me, won't u? I'm the kind of person that is cool-headed, has self-control, and knows her boundaries. I know what I can and can't do, I know when to push myself and refrain from showing off. If u know me, you'll also know that I'm the kind of person that admires and embraces the good qualities of people despite their other behaviors that might count as "what?" I'm kinda shy but when the situation calls for it, I set my goals and I try my best to attain them to push myself forward. Anyways that's enough of me for now, lata

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